You can't change the past,
but you can Change the Future!
Knowledge is Power!
This page is to educate animal lovers on the truth, in order to help the animals.
28 years ago, I adopted my first dog from a friend.  Delilah was 10 months old and she was the best dog ever. I worked a lot so I wanted to get her a companion.  So for Christmas my boyfriend bought me Samson.  At this time, I was only 21 and I had no idea there was a pet overpopulation problem or the horrors of  puppymills and back yard breeders. Today,  I would never accept a purchased dog.  So having my first male and female dog not knowing anything especially that puppies can have puppies, we had an accidental litter .. Samson was only 9 months old and Delilah just turned 1. as soon as I could get her spayed I did it right away.  I fell in love with all the puppies and would have loved to have kept them all but that is not realistic to have 9 dogs. Yes, I found homes for all of them. I learned, It is very expensive to have a litter of puppies if you do it right with all the proper food and vet visits.
The last 10 years, I've had my eyes opened to the horrors of pet abuse and still feel guilty that I had a litter and wonder if my puppies had a good life... in a forever home or ended up in a shelter?

I will only adopt or rescue pets for many reasons.  Below are a few good reasons to adopt and save a life!

This page may be graphic to you but it is very important to understand why not to breed or buy your next dog or cat.

Pet Overpopulation is the Number One Killer of Cats & Dogs in America.
Pets that aren't fixed are the number one reason of Pet Overpopulation.
Breeders are the reason millions of pets are being euthanized.  If you have a litter of puppies or kittens you are a breeder!
There are Too Many Pets and Not Enough Homes.

Below is the reality of pet overpopulation....all over the country.

You Can Make a Difference...

Please Don't Breed or Buy
While homeless Animals Die!
Every litter born adds up.
People love kittens and puppies: so you may find homes for them initially, but most end up in shelters because people give up on them when they turn into adolescents with raging hormones. Spaying & neutering your pets would prevent the unwanted behaviors.
Puppy Mills are the source of Puppies sold in stores across America.
Puppies bred for money alone are usually neglected, both physically and emotionally, which determines their temperment and development.
You may pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for the puppies and they may look adorable and irristable, but you are buying into a genetic nightmare.
When you buy the puppy and 6 months later they die of a genetic defect or have hip problems, skin issues etc. Is this fair to you or the puppy?
Due to the frequently poor breeding conditions in puppy mills, puppies bred there often suffer from health and/or social problems. Puppies raised in a cramped environment shared by many other dogs become poorly socialized to other dogs and to humans.

Puppy mills usually house dogs in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions, without adequate veterinary care, food, water and socialization. Puppy mill dogs do not receive treats, toys, exercise or basic grooming. To minimize waste cleanup, dogs are often kept in cages with wire flooring that injures their paws and legs. It is not unusual for cages to be stacked up in columns. Breeder dogs at mills might spend their entire lives outdoors, exposed to the elements, or kept inside indoor cages all their lives.
This is one reason it is so hard to potty train your dog.

Click here for  a short video from the HSUS on Puppy Mills
At there are over 250,000 pets up for adoption every day.
There are over 4,000 puppy mills in America producing millions of puppies each year to sell at your local pet store.  If we stop buying puppies and start adopting this alone would end the pet overpopulation problem.

A good breeder would never let their puppies go without neutering them first and if it didn't work out for any reason they would take the puppies back so they wouldn't end up in the shelter.

Anyone can be a breeder, if you have a pet and it has a litter you are a breeder.
Don't be a breeder fix your pet today.
Pets that aren't fixed have thousands of offspring adding to the pet overpopulation problem.

Free to Good Home
Where will your puppies & kittens end up?
Click here!
I'm fixed and I can Live up to 6 Years Longer. Neutering prevents deadly cancers of the reproductive system.
My owner loves me because I'm well behaved.  I don't try to escape and get into fights.  I don't spray or mark my territory either.
I have girl friends but I won't be getting them pregnant.  So everyone is healthy and happy!
Neutered pets can not have litters.
Adding Zero to the pet overpopulation problem.
Even if you have one litter and you find homes for them and they are not fixed where are all their puppies and kittens going to end up? 
Chained up in the backyard, used as a breeder in a puppymill, used as dog bait, snake food, end up in an animal testing lab, given up to a shelter...
How many litters will they have?
The cycle won't Stop unless they are spayed or neutered.