A La Carte
1 or 3 year Rabies $15
Feline Distemper combo $15
Leukemia Vaccine $20
Canine Distemper/Parvo combo $15
Bordatella $20

Microchip $25

Fecal test $15 
(Please bring a stool sample in!)

Heartworm test $15 (if you purchase product from us, other wise it is $25)

Feline Leukemia/FIV test $25

Ear Mite Test $5 & $20 to treat.
k-9 Ear Check $5 & $25 to treat​

2 doses Hook & Round dewormer $10-15
Tape dewormer $10-15

Exams for pets not fixed is $10
Exams for pets already fixed is Free!​

Oral medications require an exam with our vet once a year.
Heartworm Preventions require a blood test once a year.

Interceptor Plus 12pk get a $15 Rebate!
2-8lbs       $55 (only $40 after Rebate)
8-25lbs     $55 (only $40 after Rebate)
26-50lbs   $65 (only $50 after Rebate)
51-100lbs $75 (only $60 after Rebate)

Simparica chewable flea & tick pill!  
6 pk $80 plus $15 rebate!
12pks $150 plus get a $35 rebate!

Trifexis  6 packs $105 (12pks $200 and get a $40 rebate)

Heartgard Plus 12pk    $12 Rebate
1-25lbs      $60   ($48 after rebate)
26-50lbs    $70   ($58 after rebate)
51-100lbs $80   ($68 after rebate)
Nexgard flea & tick prevention
6 packs $100 12 packs $190 
Ask about the $60 rebate!

Revolution for Cats 6pk $85 plus $15 rebate
12pks $160 plus $35 rebate!

Cheristin for Cats   6pks $80 or 12pks $150

Kitten & Puppy Schedule
6-8 weeks 1st Deworming
2 weeks later 2nd Deworming

9 weeks 1st Distemper Combo 
12 weeks 2nd Distemper Combo 

16 weeks  Rabies & Spay & Neuter 

Dogs should start Heartgard 
as early as 8 weeks old
Your first Heartworm test should be at 
7 months and then once a year.

Office Visits are Free for pets that are already spayed or neutered
There is a $10 exam fee for Pets that aren't fixed.
We take Cash, MC, Visa & Debit ... NO CHECKS!
4403 62nd Ave Pinellas Park, FL  33781
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Did you know that all Puppies, Kittens & Rescues
should get 2 doses of Hook/Round Dewormer 2 weeks apart...The first will kill the adult worms & the second will get the eggs that will hatch, otherwise it will start all over again. Generally they are microscopic so you don't see them, but they are there and they are contagious to people & pets!
TapeWorms are the ones you usually see. They are not contagious and they get them from ingesting a flea. Make sure you have a good flea prevention to avoid getting them.
Heartworms are spread from mosquitoes, they start in the blood stream and travel to the heart & lungs and can kill your pet. Make sure you are on heartworm prevention year round. 
 Living in Florida is paradise for us, but is a challenge for your pets for fleas & mosquitoes.

Prevention is Essential to Protect your pets from Fleas, Heartworm, Hook/Round & Tape Worms.

Did You Know...
SPOT will be offering curbside pickup of product, Saturday April 4th 9am-11am. 
Please phone ahead or email us at spotusa@yahoo.com by Friday, with your name, phone number, pets name & year you were here last, we can ring you up over the phone and bring your product to you.  727-329-8657

We are actively watching the news as it unfolds and want to do what is best for our clients and employees.

I would keep checking our website for any updates, because things are changing daily..
K-9 Vaccine Package $45
includes: Rabies  Distemper/ Parvo & Bordetella Vaccines
Outside Cat Vaccine Package $40
includes: Rabies, Distemper combo, & 
2 Hook/round Dewormers
Puppies & Kittens up to 3 months old!
Puppy or Kitten Package $35
Exam, 1st Distemper combo vaccine 
plus 2 Hook & Round dewormer!  
Exam, 2nd Distemper Combo vaccine & Fecal.
(kittens bring in stool sample) 

Special $40 
 Felv/FIV test plus first Leukemia Vaccine
​​Pets with Itchy Skin 
$25 Package:
includes: Probiotics to boost their immune system & Aloe Oatmeal Shampoo to soothe their skin.

Prevent Painful Ear Infections with Cucumber Melon Ear Cleaner for $10.
 Dogs with hairy ears or ears that lay down are prone to ear infections, because the air doesn't get in there, and moitsure builds up!
Try our New Tear Stain Remover & Supplements!  Helps unsightly tear stains for Beautiful, Healthy eyes!
Topical tear stain remover $5
Tear stain Soft Chews $10
Try All natural Calming Chews For Pets that need extra help with Separation Anxiety, Thunderstorms & Fireworks!
$15 for small to med
$20 for Med to Large pets
Introductry Pricing!
New Dewormer for CATS!  Centragard...Takes Care of Tape Worms, Hook & Round Worms.
Kitten size $10 each or 
Adult size​ $20 Each or 
3 for $45 plus get a $6 rebate!

Our Vaccine clinic will be 
By Appointment only.

Saturday, April 11th 
Call to set up your appointment! 727-329-8657​
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