Are you looking for the Best Food for your Pet?

Pet owners today are becoming more proactive in their pets health and want their pets to live longer healthier lives and have a better quality of life.

Food is the Best medicine!  The right  food helps your pets overall heatlh on a daily basis. It's a very important factor in boosting the immune system and giving nutrition for the body and appearance of your pets coat  and well being.  
Many pets today have skin allergies from the foods that they are eating.  Which can add up to very expensive vet bills for you and suffering for your pet. They can also develop cancers from the meat byproducts, dyes and toxic preservatives.

There are so many brands to choose from so how do you know what food is best?
First thing you want to do is Read the Labels and know what the ingredients are. 

  • Meat By Products: this is what is left over after the meat has been stripped off the carcasses, ingredients not ordinarily consumed by humans, (beeks, feet entrails etc).
  • Chemical preservatives: BHT/BHA, Propyl Gallate, has a long history of carcinogenesis and EQ or Ethoxyquin was first used as a rubber stabilizer and effective insecticide and pesticide. Do you really want these toxic chemicals in your pets food?
  • Sodium Nitrate: is a coloring agent and fixative known to cause cancer

Here are some better choices for your pets food.  There are plenty of books with recipes for feeding raw or cooking for your pets at your local library or even online!

First Choice:  Fresh Whole Raw meats, bones and vegetables 

Second Choice: Home Prepared Meals, if you have time to cook them

Third Choice:  Canned Food that has human grade quality ingredients that are not overprocessed, no dyes, fillers or by products.  

Special Hint:
Which ever food you choose to feed your pets, give them a variety of flavors (chicken, fish, beef). Can you imagine eating the same food everyday for the rest of your lives.
Special Hint:
Don't forget to read the ingredients on the treats you give your pets too!
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