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Our Goal is to have a Community 
where every pet has a home!

SPOT was founded in 2004 because of my love for my dog Leo that I adopted at the local shelter.  I couldn't believe that such a loving kind dog was dropped off at the shelter. I felt that finding Leo was such a joy and I felt privileged to have such love and devotion.  Leo loved everyone, and everyone loved Leo! After volunteering at the shelter, I discovered that all of the animals were great!  It broke my heart to know that the majority of the pets would not get a home.  There are more people surrendering their pets everyday, then adopting them. I felt compelled to find a  better way to solve this problem. After researching the problem, it was clear there is a simple and effective way to solve the problem.  Prevention with spay/neuter and education, to help people keep their pets so they don't end up in the shelters.

In 2009 we opened the SPOT Spay & Neuter clinic after years of going to all the dog events promoting spay & neuter, selling t-shirts & magnets, doing yard sales, dog washes, pet calendars, and other fundraisers, we are very happy to be able to help the pets in our community!

Progress!  After 9 years and 35,000 surgeries later, and helping over 30,000 people with the basic care of their pets we are seeing a Huge Difference!  The shelters have been around for over 75 years and each year their intake levels have only increased.  But over the last 9 years,  since the SPOT Spay & Neuter clinic and other high volume clinics opened in the Tampa Bay area, the intake numbers have been reduced by 50%.  This is a Huge Victory for our Pets!

Pet Overpopulation is the number one killer of pets in America.
There are too many pets being bred and not enough homes for all of them.
We as a community of pet owners need to take responsibility for our actions.  When you purchase a pet that isn’t fixed, it has the potential to escape and find a mate and start reproducing.  If you love your pet you would fix it right away, just for the health benefits because a spayed or neutered pet can live up to 6 years longer.

The best solution is also the easiest solution. We don’t  need more shelters we need to prevent the problem with spay/neuter and education.  It’s the fastest way to stop the problem.  We can’t control the puppy mills, puppy stores and backyard breeders that only breed to make money at the animal’s expense and welfare.  It’s hard to find a reputable breeder in America that will do the right thing and fix the puppies before selling them, and take them back if it doesn’t work out.  We as animal lovers need to educate our family, friends and relatives to adopt rather than buy. There are over 300,000 pets up for adoption every day at .   Open up your hearts and adopt and save a life. If you buy Please spay & neuter your pets.  

Keep in mind if you plan on buying:  Puppy mills are one of the most horrific places for a dog to end up breeding and the worst place for a puppy to be born.  The conditions that these animals are raised in are inhumane and produce unhealthy animals with physical & behavior problems.  Backyard breeders that sell in the newspapers are usually just as bad. Buyers beware, puppy store puppies come from puppy mills.

Support the Humane Solution to Pet Overpopulation!

SPOT is proud to be a part of the Humane Solution to Pet Overpopulation.

Please join SPOT, by supporting our clinic and 
help every pet have a home!

Thank you for your support!
Pamela Borres Founder of SPOT…Stop Pet Overpopulation Together!
For more information call 727-329-8657  or 329-8658

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We are excited to Celebrate our 9th year and over 35 thousand surgeries!
We've also helped another 30 thousand pets in our vaccine clinic!
Special Thanks, to Mr. Howe for Sponsoring our October Neuterathon
 in Memory of Catherine Schuler!

We were able to do 56 Cats that day!